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Port Pierre Canto Marina, Cannes

Where you're likely to spot A-listers during the film festival

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Pierre Canto Harbour has a privileged position as it is located on La Croisette, right in the centre of Cannes. 

It is a large harbour with 600 fixed berths with a maximum length of 70 metres. A luxury marina located at the very end of the Croisette boulevard in Cannes which is known for its Film festival, during which this marina welcomes the show-biz greatest stars, as well as the most prestigious and magnificent yachts. 

Facilities: drinking water, electricity, harbour master, crane, bar, restaurant, security, dressing rooms with showers and a fuel station. There are also two public shuttles and 3 VIP shuttles that come and go several times a day between the Cannes Old Harbour and Port Pierre Canto.


43° 33'N - 7° 2'E


Map of the surrounding area