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Bijou Plage (Port Canto) Beach

Plage du Bijou (Jewel Beach), shared public and private beach

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Situated just past Port Canto and before Palm Beach, this is one of two completely non-smoking beaches in the Cannes area (the other being Plage des Rochers at Cannes La Bocca). 

The beach has shallow waters curving along two sandy coves - the smaller cove being Plage du Square Verdun, and this has a nautical centre where you can rent paddleboats and small sailing boats. 

Happily, Bijou Beach is a handiplage beach, meaning there is ramp access and assistance available for wheelchair users. There are also disabled toilets.

Dogs are forbidden on Cannes beaches between mid-April and early September. However, on cloudy or windy days you’ll still see locals out walking their pampered pooches on the beach. Just use your discretion and always pick up after your dogs. As of the beginning of October, the beaches are free for dogs again. 

In summary, Plage du Bijou is a lovely little spot. With soft sand, a gorgeous view, shallow waters, plenty of parking and good facilities, this has our vote for the best public beach in Cannes.

Beach Bars & Beachclubs in Cannes

There are some private beach clubs near to Plage du Bijou so you have several choices for restaurant meals. They tend to be slightly less expensive than the beach clubs along the main Croisette beaches. There are also snack kiosks on the promenade behind the beach, and plenty of shops, cafés and restaurants nearby.

Setting & Location

This relatively narrow beach has a wall and a palm-lined boulevard running behind it and offers a lovely view across the bay to the Cannes Lerins Islands of Ile de Saint Honorat and Ile Sainte-Marguerite, as well as the Esterel mountains. Unlike some of the other Cannes beaches, it’s a bit further away from the road so can feel rather peaceful.

Water Safety & Clarity

Cannes is known for the cleanliness of its water. That being said, because of Plage du Bijou’s proximity to the yachting Port Canto, the waters here can suffer a slightly worse pollution level in the high summer months. There is a lifeguard and first aid station posted here in the summer months, and the beach has a lovely gentle slope into the water, making it a good place for kids. 

Unlike some other Cannes beaches, there aren’t any jellyfish nets in place during the summer at Plage du Bijou. You can, however, check for jellyfish sightings around Cannes on the map at this handy website, and if there are any alerts you can head to nearby Plage Mace, Plage Gazagnaire or Plage du Midi where there are jellyfish nets between June and September.

Beach Quality

Plage du Bijou is blessed with golden soft sand of Cannes. This sand tends to be washed away by the storms each winter and then replaced each spring by the local council. The beach is quite narrow but slopes gently into the sea. There’s also a concrete platform for sunbathing separating the two coves-great for those of you who don’t like sand or are bringing a picnic. 

Watersports Nearby

The Club Nautique de La Croisette is found here; you can rent small sailing dinghies or paddleboats here. There is also a swimming school.


Bijou Beach is found on the Square du Verdon, just off the Boulevard Croisette and just after Port Pierre Canto. The bus no8 has a stop at Bijou Plage.

If driving, there is a large paid carpark at Bijou Plage, and there’s free parking at nearby Port Palm Beach.


Map of the surrounding area