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Coolest bathing spots in Cannes

The clearest waters to make a splash this summer

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The golden-sand beaches of La Croisette have drawn crowds of sun worshippers for decades, and with good reason.

This long stretch of beach is famous for the multitude of beach clubs that are strung out along its length, the famous faces and stars of the silver screen who frequent them and the crystal clear azure waters of the Mediterranean.

As you watch paddleboarders floating past, super yachts bobbing on the horizon and tenders bringing VIP guests ashore, you can rest assured that those waters are in fact crystal clear and perfect for swimming and cooling off on a hot summer day. Many even have the Blue Flag label, which designates the best beaches in the world.

Coolest bathing spots in Cannes summer 2019

How clear are the waters of Cannes?

Should you want to look into it in more detail, then the Ministry of Health in France provide up-to-date information regarding the cleanliness of France's beaches and rivers.

The interactive map, which is available in English, allows you to zoom in on the beaches of interest and to review recent test results. Ranked from excellent (blue) to poor (red), the monthly testing and monitoring make it possible to assess the effects of waste water sanitation and dirty rainwater runoff into swimming sites.

Thankfully the beaches around Cannes are mainly blue, with only a few areas where the water quality drops, meaning that you can enjoy the calm and clear waters of the Mediterranean without any concerns.

Coolest bathing spots in Cannes summer 2019

Beachfront accommodation

Luxury hotels can be found along La Croisette, in the heart of Cannes, meaning that the beach will, in some cases, literally be on your doorstep.

Some of Cannes most well-known establishments have terraces that overlook the promenade and sea views direct from the balcony of your room.

Perhaps the most famous is the Hotel Martinez, where many stars stay when attending the Cannes Film Festival. Opened in the 1920s, this beautiful art deco building has seen the créme de la créme of Hollywood walk through its magnificent lobby. The hotel has a private beach right on La Croisette with a bar, restaurant and beach club as well as sun loungers and a wide range of watersports.

La Plage 45 Beach Club, Cannes terrace

Beach clubs in Cannes

Many of La Croisette's five-star hotels will also have their own private beaches and beach clubs so that you can make the most of the golden sand, exclusive beach service and sparkling clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Being a client of the hotel will afford you certain privileges and ensure that you don't need to rush down first thing to place your towel on your chosen sun lounger. There is no better way to enjoy the crystal clear waters in Cannes.

Coolest bathing spots in Cannes summer 2019

More Cannes beaches

For those who wish to travel away from the hub of Cannes and La Croisette, then Bijou Plage at Port Pierre Canto offers little more seclusion with stunning views of the superyachts in the marina.

Travel further around the Cap de la Croisette and you will reach Port Palm Beach, Gazagnaire Plage and the beaches of Le Moure Rouge. All of these are less frequented by tourists and, as such, have fewer amenities and no beach clubs with the exception of Bijou Plage. Although you can still be guaranteed crystal clear waters for swimming.

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